BOMB and BrainiacChess Chess Tournament Result

BOMB and BrainiacChess Chess Tournament Result

BrainiacChess collaborated with another project in organizing a chess tournament for the first time and it was a successful and interesting one. The other project being referred to is BOMB token (World's first deflationary token). The tournament started out with 16 participants and it was a knockout tournament. Below is the result of the tournament:

Round of 16

@Treslebres (1711)
@Frol3decb (2007)
@Elflaire (1500)
@BtcWalt (1400)
@Roxiel007 (1611)
@BenjaminDLea (1500)
@Shaad93 (1317)
@joeboy (2097)
@tokek222 (1500)
@Jamieeepardew (1500)
@Chyrenchimera33 (1500)
@ErwinMbrck (1500)
@Jeph_Brainiac (1190)
@willydavec1 (1500)
@bjcowen (1930)
@emir_aziz (1500) 

Quarter finals

@bjcowen vs @emir_aziz
@willydavec1 vs @BSmith93
@Roxiel007 vs @Joeboy
@Frol3decb vs @treslebres 

Semi Finals

@bjcowen vs @BSmith93
@Frol3decb vs @Joeboy

Final match

@Frol3decb vs @bjcowen

3rd place match

@Joeboy vs @BSmith93


@Frol3decb, @bjcowen and @Joeboy were the first, second and third respectively. BOMB Team distributed 32 $BOMBS to the top 3 while all 16 participants are entitled to 1,000 $CHESS each.

More tournaments will be announced on our channels. Do not forget to follow all our social channels for updates.


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