BrainiacChess Inter-federation Tournament

BrainiacChess Inter-federation Tournament

  • Date: Saturday 15th August 19:00 UTC
  • Individual rewards: this will only be awarded to individuals who don't make the top 4 for the federation. 
  • Team rewards: federation points will be calculated by adding up points of top 4 individuals in each federation. 
  • A total of $3,000 worth of Chess Coin to be earned.


    • Team prizes:
      • Champion $800 (25% each top 4 player)
      • 2nd Federation: $600 (25% each top 4 player)
      • 3rd Federation: $450 (25% each top 4 player)
      • 4th Federation: $350 (25% each top 4 player)
      • 5th Federation: $300 (25% each top 4 player)
      • 6th Federation: $200 (25% each top 4 player)


    • Individual: 
      • Best open: $50
      • Best U2200: $50
      • Best U2000: $50
      • Best U1800: $50
      • Best U1600: $50
      • Best female: $50
    • Final standing and prizes will be published after the anticheating review of the organizers. Maximum 24h.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: individual prizes are only for individuals that did not win in the team category.

    Anticheating rules: 

    1. Lichess module. Matches analyzed by the server.
    2. Organizers’ committee. Organizers can disqualify or delete any account if they suspect cheating.
    3. Organizers’ committee decisions are unappealable.


    Tournament enrollement:

    Tournament enrollement is totally free.

    The tournament will be hosted in our Lichess club for tournaments. The tournament is only available for club members! So, the first step is joining the club.

    How to join the club?

    1. Go to our club page: and click join (alternative you can go to Lichess teams page and search “brainiacchess”).
    2. When you are joining, it’s necessary to include some information: your country/federation, gender, your ERC20/ETH wallet Address (Trustwallet recommendedfor mobile users, Metamask recommended for desktop users).
    3. The organizers will check your data and validate your request.
    4. When you are a member of the club, just join to the tournament at the main lobby or click:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, be careful writing your ETH address, BrainiacChess team is not responsible for loses attrubuted to mistaken (or missing) ETH addresses.

    Have any question?

    1. Visit: 
    2. Visit:
    3. Visit: (English and Spanish languages).

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