Launching Staking dApp

Hello Brainiacs!

We are happy to launch our first Decentralized Application (dApp). We are always willing to show the community that we are committed to developing the project and bring it to success. This dApp is a reward program launched to incentivize our supporters who add to the Uniswap liquidity pool.

How does the dApp work? The dApp allows you to stake your quota of the uniswap liquidity pool for a certain period of time and then earn rewards in Chess Coin. The team has committed 15,000,000 $CHESS to this reward program. Below is the reward structure for the dApp.

Multipliers are based on the total amount of ETH in the CHESS/ETH liquidity pool on uniswap. The multipliers are multiplied by the base rate in the diagram above.

How to access the dApp. Kindly visit The interface is pretty straight forward and easy to use. It is also mobile responsive. You can use the dApp from a mobile dApp browser such as Trustwallet dApp browser.

Check out the tutorial in order to learn how to use the dApp and also how to add to uniswap liquidity pool.

Now let's spread the word together! Start earning rewards immediately.

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