BrainiacChess so far so good

Just few months ago, we launched our airdrop campaign. That marks the official beginning of the project even though a lot of work has been put in place before the official announcement of the airdrop was made. Now, how have we fared since then?

In the space of a week (from the launch of the airdrop), over 500 members was realized from all our social media channels. Few weeks after that, our token got verified on etherscan and our profile was updated, then we got listed on coingecko. Ever since then, we have been growing organically and as of today, we have over 900 members in our community. 

Chess Coin (CHESS) is currently being traded on the following exchanges:

We are also working on getting our gaming platform ready before the end of Q1 2020. Read a few information about the game features here. As you might have already known from our explainer video, the game will also be a dApp.

Series of tournaments have been hosted by us and community players keep growing. Here is a link to one of our recently concluded tournament, which also involves collaboration with BOMB token More updates will be given from time to time,just make sure you follow our social media pages. The sky is just the stepping stone.

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