Tutorial on using the dApp and Interacting with uniswap

As announced in the previous news, we just launched a dApp that rewards liquidity providers to our pool on Uniswap. In order to be able to use the dApp effectively, we thought of making an easy tutorial that will explain how liquidity is added on Uniswap and how to use the dApp afterwards.

Launching Staking dApp

Hello Brainiacs!

We are happy to launch our first Decentralized Application (dApp). We are always willing to show the community that we are committed to developing the project and bring it to success. This dApp is a reward program launched to incentivize our supporters who add to the Uniswap liquidity pool.

BrainiacChess Online Chess Festival

BrainiacChess Online Chess Festival

We are happy to launch the second tournament of the year. Building the community is our utmost priority and we believe this tournament will help that cause. A total of 450,000 Chess Coin has been committed to this tournament. 

BrainiacChess Game Demo